Insect and Disease Management

Plant Health Care Program

Planned visits to monitor plant health using an environmentally-friendly approach. The goal is to improve plant health and address pest problems.

Insect, Disease, and Mite Management

This service includes diagnosis of insect, disease, and mite problems as well as applied foliar treatments and/or soil and trunk applications to address the problem.

Emerald Ash Borer and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

These are both invasive pests that can cause severe decline in tree health. Treatment options are available to control these insects.

Soil Care

Prescription Soil Analysis

We use an independent lab that specializes in horticultural testing developed specifically for the landscape industry. The information and recommendations they provide enables us to restore the natural vitality and productivity of your soils resulting in healthier plants which are better able to resist many insect and disease problems.

Deep Root Fertilizing

A soil-injected, premium, organic-based fertilizer providing balanced nutrition, soil conditioners, humates and biological support.

Natural Soil Conditioners

Material applications to improve soil conditions.

  • Bio-Aer: Improves water and air exchange; alleviates soil compaction and stimulates root growth.
  • Bio-Soil Boost: A granular application containing carbon, humates, and essential nutrients which helps promote soil health.


Similar to Compost Tea, this liquid application restores essential microorganisms and provides the required food sources to help create a sustainable soil environment capable of supporting healthy plants.

Specialty Services

Plant Growth Regulators

Great for managing the size of trees and shrubs or reducing stress, one application reduces new growth by 50%-80% and lasts for 2–3 seasons while stimulating new root growth.

Winter Anti-Dessicant

A foliar application that provides a protective layer for evergreen shrubs to shield them from winter damage.